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The light is located in known as the creative arts of coastal city - shenzhen, main bim as the core, the light of the digital characteristics of fusion technology practice and ultimately realize its use value.

Gen line started in architecture field, the existing business scope involves the bim service, construction of the animation, vr/ar, serving more than mass media solutions, the whole body in the construction design, construction, digital city, a positive innovation, etc. Company main service to the unit construction, design, courtyard housing land production companies, urban planners, the escap garden landscape, and other industry design.

The light digital arts history is one full of innovation and vitality of development. What we pay attention to such as technical advantages into competitive price equal to the guest,

How in the development of the company to accumulate meter and developmental momentum into industry. Now, the light digital arts into one step combined with virtual reality, portrait interaction, multi-dimensional body performance,

Advanced and mature technology means such as shadow regard to film for the customer provides the omni-directional solution of me I for optimization.


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Technical personnel

BIM Technology 

Effective coordination
Collision check, reduce rework
Conflict call, decision support

BIM Technology

Architectural animation 

Building information model
The whole life cycle of projects
The method of intelligent.

Architectural animation

Building propaganda 

Take shooting as the main tool and 3D assistance
Products in real and virtual ways

Building propaganda

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With the industrial art in a variety
Familiar with animation


Buildings all kinds of famous
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Bid for urgent bidding animation
24 between still provide


One-stop video service
Aerial vehicle (uav) 4 k film.


High-end software 3 ds Max
Revit injured, bentley




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